The Team

Torsten Bardohn
Torsten BardohnPartner
Torsten Bardohn, born in 1962, has worked in the media since 1990. Since 2006 at bardohn, and before that as managing partner of Equity, as advertising manager of Stern, Max and other titles, as managing director of G+J Infosysteme (later G+J EMS) and as strategic planner, and from 2014 to 2016 as head of strategy and corporate development at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Surprisingly, he still enjoys his work.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 10

Christian Goedecke
Christian GoedeckePartner
Christian Goedecke, born in 1968, studied economics in Hamburg after training as a publishing house clerk and joined bardohn in January 2018. Started in 1997 in market research at Gruner + Jahr and from 2000 in Berlin at Axel Springer in a senior position for marketing and sales and from 2006 at the SPIEGEL publishing house in Hamburg responsible for research, ad management and property marketing.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 14

Magdalena Laska
Magdalena LaskaManagement Assistant
Magdalena Laska, born in 1986, studied humanities and business administration in Kiel and Hamburg and joined bardohn in August 2015.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 12

Hendrik Schmalz
Hendrik SchmalzPartner
endrik Schmalz, born 1986, studied Media Publishing at the Hochschule der Medien (B. Sc.) and Marketing and Sales Management at the Nordakademie Graduate School (M.A.). He has worked at bardohn since 2009.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 11

Matthias Schmalz
Matthias SchmalzData Engineer
Matthias Schmalz, born in 1992, studied business informatics at the University of Münster after completing his training as a state-certified computer scientist. He joined bardohn in March 2022.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 15

Finn Schmidt
Finn SchmidtData Scientist
Finn Schmidt, born in 1993, studied Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University in Denmark and joined bardohn in October 2017.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 13

Iris Schümann
Iris SchümannProject Manager
Iris Schümann, born in 1979, completed her further training as a direct marketing specialist in Hamburg after training as an advertising clerk and joined the bardohn in August 2019. Previously, she worked at DPV Deutscher Pressevertrieb in direct marketing for Gruner + Jahr and in business development.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 16

Annemarie Vollstedt
Annemarie VollstedtBusiness Analyst
Annemarie Vollstedt, born in 1992, studied business administration in Berlin and Dublin, specializing in communications and media management, and joined bardohn in February 2022.

Phone: 040/30 60 45 9 22